February 28, 2003


Posted by Arcane Gazebo at February 28, 2003 10:25 AM I spent last evening playing Xenosaga, of course; today I really need to get my homework done. So of course I'm going to talk about it again, but I'll leave out the spoilers this time. I won't say anything that can't be found in the manual, anyway.

I didn't see anything quite as kickass as some of Wednesday night's scenes, but there was definitely some good stuff. A nice boss battle too. On account of that battle I've seen the game over screen already, but it was a lot more effective than the tutorial in imparting understanding of the battle system.

At this point I've met the remaining two party members, and I must say they don't measure up to the previous four. Quite literally, in fact, because MOMO and Jr. are both children. This seems to be something peculiar to Xenogears; in other RPGs you get your occasional Eiko or Relm, but between Maria, Emeralda, and Chu-chu the Yggdrasil looked like a goddamn day care center. I think this can detract from the epic sense of the story. I mean, imagine if Lord of the Rings had a bunch of short people with no fighting skills running around doing stupid stuff? Ok, bad example.

Of the three aforementioned Xenogears munchkins, Emeralda should get a pass since (a) she's not a human child, but an artificial machine that takes the form of a child; (b) she's technically the oldest party member by several millennia; (c) she can be changed to an adult form later in the game. Unfortunately, while MOMO is also artificial, the deadly warrior machine role is already filled by KOS-MOS. I suspect as far as fighting goes MOMO will be more in the mode of Maria. Meanwhile Jr.'s fighting style is clearly mini-Billy, but his character's very different. Actually I find his entourage more annoying than Jr. himself.

My preferred party at this point: Shion (or Ziggy if I need more offense), KOS-MOS, chaos. Tags:
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