March 6, 2003


Posted by Arcane Gazebo at March 6, 2003 2:52 PM
I'm pleased to announce that my father's first novel, The Night of the Dance, is available for preorder from Amazon and will be published in May. I fully expect all of my readers to purchase a copy, but not until I've set up the link so I get the commission from Amazon. At some point I'll figure out how to put a static link in the sidebar...

Thanks for the plug. I got an email from a bookstore owner in San Mateo yesterday who called the book "the best debut mystery novel I've read in a long time." He wants me to do a signing down yonder. I'll be scheduling it and you and all your Bay Area readers will be invited if we can find the poor souls.

Meanwhile, over my right shoulder, they're arguing about partial birth abortion on Hardball. The more things change...

Posted by: Jeremiah Spur | March 11, 2003 6:37 PM
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