March 10, 2003


Posted by Arcane Gazebo at March 10, 2003 10:34 PM Ok, so I haven't been updating recently. For one thing, nothing's been happening to me personally worthy of comment. Though I did have some weird dreams this morning, I didn't retain sufficient memory of them to warrant any remarks. (One, however, involved me playing DDR naked. I'm sure you're all thanking me for that image. The naked-in-public dream is extremely cliched, so I should note here that I don't typically have this sort of dream.)

I could always comment on the politics, but lately it seems like the same tired arguments for and against war have just been repeating, despite the near-total certainty that the war will, in fact, occur. It seemed today everyone was commenting on Jimmy Carter's opinion piece in the NY Times, which surprised me since I didn't think his arguments were particularly persuasive. (For those who feel my media sources are too one-sided, let me note here that one rebuttal I read was on the National Review website. For those who are worried that I am reading the National Review all of a sudden, I assure you I thought the author was an idiot.)

Something else that has drawn comment lately is that many Christian denominations have been expressing opposition to the war. Christopher Hitchens expressed his opinion on this in Slate. (My opinion is that Christopher Hitchens is also an idiot. See, we're very bipartisan here.) It seems to me that all that needs to be said here is that clergy are not generally considered experts on foreign policy, diplomacy, nation building, counterterrorism, or really any of the relevant issues here, at least not more so than Hollywood celebrities or physics graduate students. Who really cares what they think? (It might be argued that these various priests and ministers are experts on morality, to which I respond by pointing to Cardinal Law and the very rev. Jerry Falwell.)

Of course, as my favorite New Republic editor points out, the opinions of religious leaders are relevant in one sense: they seem to disagree with Bush about whether God's on our side, and that is the one topic on which they are supposed to be expert.

My conclusion: they're all idiots. I'm really starting to agree with this guy. And besides, all this arguing is keeping our focus away from North Korea, who is just as scary this week as it was last week. Tags:

media sellout

What I hate is how the media is so invested in war, like the nuts who sell Amway. Thousands show up to an anti-war protests and the local news covers the 10 people who rally for the troops with equal, if not more, airtime. Fight the good fight for freedom by killing millions! Spread democracy through imperialism! Then brainwash the public! RAH-RAH!

Posted by: Anonymous | March 11, 2003 9:31 PM

Re: media sellout

Not at all; they're just being "fair and balanced"! FOX News is so dedicated to this principle that they made it their slogan! I hope you're not suggesting that some pro-war people or organizations have conflicts of interest, because according to Richard Perle this makes you a terrorist.

Posted by: Arcane Gazebo | March 11, 2003 9:57 PM
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