April 8, 2003


Posted by Arcane Gazebo at April 8, 2003 10:34 AM Ok, I'm a goddamn moron.

I just hit a parked car while trying to pull into a narrow space. Fortunately the damage to the other car was minimal (I broke a plastic corner piece on the rear bumper) and the damage to mine was zero. That doesn't make me feel any less of a fucking idiot.

I left the dude a note. Let's hope he's not just going to kick my ass... (or in the Mafia - isn't that how Analyze This starts out?)

Oh yeah, there was a woman who saw it and gave me her contact info in case there's some dispute about what exactly I fucked up. I guess the bright side here is that I got some woman's phone number... heh. (No, this isn't particularly reassuring either.) Tags:

You obviously have forgotten the time I managed to crash one of our family vehicles into the other while simply trying to back out of the driveway. That was at least an 8 on the fuck-up-o-meter. Yours barely registers. Blame it on the kidney stone (and let me know if you need help in the $$$ department).

Posted by: Jeremiah Spur | April 8, 2003 1:55 PM
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