May 10, 2003


Posted by Arcane Gazebo at May 10, 2003 1:55 PM I'm supposed to be doing work. Why am I reading George Will's column? I think the experience has made me dumber. Here's an "insightful" observation on Howard Dean's supposed inconsistency:
[Dean] also has said America "won't always have the strongest military." But here he said "no commander in chief would ever, and I am no exception, willingly allow our military to shrink." Got that?

Well, George, if you had stopped to think about it, it might have occurred to you that there are two ways in which America could lose its military dominance. Only one of them involves the US goverment making its military weaker. Maybe if you and John Kerry think really hard, you can figure out what the other one is.

Ok, here's a hint: it's related to the extracurricular activities of a certain GOP activist.

Will's a baseball fan, so naturally he likes his statistics. Here's how he ends the column:
The president has 71 percent job approval. Ronald Reagan had 58 percent in 1984, when he swept 49 states.

First of all, it looks to me like 65% rather than 71%. (Funny how it seems to drop every time you turn around. In fact, if you look at a plot of his approval rating over the course of his term, it's in continual decline except when there's a war or terrorist attack...) Second, comparing Bush's 2003 approval rating to Reagan's 1984 approval rating doesn't quite seem appropriate, since one is much closer to the election than the other. A better comparison might be, perhaps, to the elder Bush's approval rating after the first Gulf War, which was up at 90%. And we all know how well he did in the election. (This cuts both ways, though; who knows what war or terrorist attack Karl Rove has planned for October 2004.) Tags:
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