June 13, 2003


Posted by Arcane Gazebo at June 13, 2003 3:02 PM Last night I dreamed that I had to clean the old apartment again. This was because, in the dream, I'd needed a venue for a D&D game, and since my new place is full of boxes I somehow decided it would be a good idea to go play at the old one. (It does have a lot of room, now that there's no furniture, but under waking logic seems a bit uncomfortable that way.) As the dream continued my problem solved itself (rare for my dreams); I went home to pick up some cleaning supplies and on my return the entire house had been demolished, as if by a hurricane. The final image of the dream is Phil using a broom to sweep debris off the basement floor, now out in the open.

I think the proper interpretation of that one is, Damn, it's good to be out of there.

I've been devoting my thoughts to optimization in various forms lately. Certainly as far as setting up in my new home, but also I've had a flood of ideas about how to improve the software that runs our experiments. For example: wouldn't it be nice to configure a measurement and queue it up while another one is running, so you don't have to wait for it to finish before going to lunch? I'm also looking for ways to make new types of measurements easier to set up, which has been a big problem all along - somebody wants to do it in a slightly different way, but the change in the program is not so slight. Implementing all these things I've thought of will require rewriting the software from scratch - a big task, but not impossible. It's sometimes even necessary, since the peculiarities of Labview imply that "spaghetti code" becomes a visual rather than conceptual metaphor after enough editing.

Internet access from home any day now. Today was the due date quoted to me over the phone when I made the request last week, but that was tentative. Tags:
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