July 8, 2003


Posted by Arcane Gazebo at July 8, 2003 11:52 AM My grandmother organized this trip, and when inviting me to come along made the well-intentioned suggestion that I could meet women on this cruise. Given the nature of the cruise demographic, I thought this was a terribly funny thing to say and turned it into a running joke. "I'd better look my best for all those young women on the boat," I'd say, while more or less equating my chances of finding such an animal to those of the ship striking an iceberg and sinking.

In retrospect, this was dumb. Now the running joke is on me. Not that I was altogether off on my assessment of the age distribution here, but there are a handful of women under 40, and because my earlier comments seem to have inspired the other ten members of my party to point them out to me at every opportunity.

Thanks, guys. Don't know what I'd do without you. Tags:

i'm sure the 40-ish y/o women on the boat are swingin' singles...

Posted by: Anonymous | July 8, 2003 4:42 PM

Insert incredibly exaggerated wink here

Hmmmm, Your boat heading towards ct?


Posted by: Anonymous | July 8, 2003 8:29 PM

Insert raised eyebrow here

It's a bit of a detour, but I'll talk to the captain and see if we can work something out.

Posted by: Arcane Gazebo | July 9, 2003 12:46 PM
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