July 14, 2003


Posted by Arcane Gazebo at July 14, 2003 11:22 PM

The Dude: Do you find them much, these, stolen cars?
Younger Cop: Sometimes. Wouldn't hold out much hope for the tape deck though.
Older Cop: Or the Creedence.

When I came back after being gone a week, I was worried about things like ants. (Didn't get a chance to wash some of the dishes.) What I wasn't particularly concerned with was the possibility that my car would get broken into, since it was sitting in a locked garage. Nevertheless, this is exactly what happened. The good news:
  • My car wasn't the one stolen.
  • They only took my CDs.
  • The El Cerrito police are very friendly.

The bad news is that I lost most of my favorite classical CDs and disc 1 of the Valkyrie Profile soundtrack. (One suspects that if the thieves had looked at the CDs beforehand, they would not have bothered taking them.)

Apparently there were several cars here broken into sometime this week, but when the police made their previous visit they somehow overlooked mine. A security hole, obvious in retrospect, was exploited to get into the garage. One car was stolen but apparently has already been recovered.

Anyway, I'll talk about the cruise tomorrow (maybe). Tags:
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