September 19, 2003


Posted by Arcane Gazebo at September 19, 2003 2:02 PM Howard Dean mans the cannons and returns fire:

I opposed President Bush’s war in Iraq from the beginnin' While Saddam Hussein’s regime was clearly vile 'n needed t' be disarmed, it did not present an immediate threat t' U.S. (Blimey!) security that would justify goin' t' war, particularly goin' t' war alone From the beginnin', I felt that winnin' the war would not be the hard part winnin' the peace would be This Administration failed t' plan for the postwar period as it did for the battle, 'n today we be payin' the price. (Aaarrhhh, me parrot!)

Me opposition t' the war, however, be part o' a comprehensive view o' America’s role in the world that I presented t' the Council on Foreign Relations on June 25th (click here for loaded t' the gunwales text) In that speech, I laid out four goals for American leadership in the world:
  • First, defeat the threat posed by terrorists, tyrants, 'n technologies o' mass destruction. (The chase is making full sail, matey!)

  • Second, strengthen our alliances 'n ensure Russia 'n China be fully integrated into a stable international order. (Bloody privateers!)

  • Third, enlarge the circle o' beneficiaries o' the growin' world economy. (Blimey!)

  • 'n fourth, ensure that life on our fragile planet be sustainable. (Man the guns, ye cowardly swabs!)
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