September 7, 2003


Posted by Arcane Gazebo at September 7, 2003 10:41 PM You may be wondering where I've been. The answer is primarily "in lab", but there's some Dragon Warrior VII mixed in too. I've definitely been slacking on the updates, although that's partly because not much has been going on.

Today I'm kicking off a new effort to be more disciplined in certain areas like exercise and keeping the apartment clean. It may only last a few days but it would be nice if I could make some improvements in the personal sphere. I seem to have gained some weight over the summer and at the very least I need to get rid of that. This morning I went running, which turned out to be quite nice. There are some flat trails around here that are easier than the hills I used to do at my old place - a good option to have after a long period of inactivity. I think I will need to train a bit before I'll be in shape to go to karate practice regularly.

Last night there was a party at my advisor's house. I'm guessing he's pleased that I was able to fix his computer, based on the fact that he seems to have told everyone about my apparent expertise. If he knew how insecure my own systems were I don't know if he'd be trusting me with his own security... but there's no need to tell him about that. (Besides, I'm going to secure these guys any day now, really.) Too many small children at this party, as usual. Also, John kept offering me wine even though he knew I was driving. What's he going to do if his computer expert drives into a tree? There'll be no stopping the viruses then. Tags:
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