October 6, 2003


Posted by Arcane Gazebo at October 6, 2003 12:34 PM Conspiracy theory of the day: Mickey Kaus looking at the origins of Arnold's candidacy. (I don't know how to permalink him, so you may have to scroll down - the relevant entry is "Schwarzanoia strikes deep".)

Op-ed of the day (even though it's datelined yesterday): George W. Bush's Medieval Presidency by Neal Gabler in the LA Times.

There is no respect for facts because there is no respect for empiricism. Instead, the Bush ideologues came to power smug in the security of their own worldview, part of which, frankly, seems to be the belief that it would be soft and unmanly to let facts alter their preconceptions. Like the church confronting Galileo, they aren't about to let reality destroy their cosmology, whether it is a bankrupt plan for pacifying an Iraq that was supposed to welcome us as liberators or a bankrupt fiscal plan that was supposed to jolt the economy to health.

Article on the subject of design of the day: Wanted: A Legible Voting Ballot in Slate, which addresses how to improve the California ballot layout. (If you missed the sample ballot I posted last week, it's here.) Tags:
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