October 2, 2003


Posted by Arcane Gazebo at October 2, 2003 2:27 PM I've been negligent in the update department lately, with the usual excuses: lab, Forces of Chaos, etc. Also, anything I could possibly say about Valerie Plame or Rush Limbaugh is being said elsewhere. However, today I've scraped together a few links on other topics.

With the CA recall election mere days away, I have the promised sample ballot for the out-of-staters who want to gawk.

Meanwhile, our Haas School of Business debunks myths about California's budget crisis. Notably: we aren't losing jobs faster than other states, we don't have a large state government compared with other states, and we don't have particularly high taxes. Incidentally, this invalidates huge chunks of soon-to-be-governor Arnold's WSJ op-ed setting out his fiscal policy. (Well, maybe Warren Buffet will read the Fischer report and give the Gubernator a clue.)

From the minority staff on the House Government Reform Committee comes a heavily-footnoted page documenting the Bush Administration's war on science. Damn, they're almost as bad as the church.

On a completely unrelated note: go A's! Tags:
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