November 10, 2003


Posted by Arcane Gazebo at November 10, 2003 4:29 PM More on the campaign donation chart: an easy comparison is to a uniform distribution of donations over $0 to $2000, so that half the donors are in the $1000+ category and 10% are in the <$200. Then the numbers that go into the chart are:
<$200: 1%
$200-$1000: 11.5%
$1000-$2000: 87.5%

Comparing to the actual numbers (which can be found in non-graphical form here) the actual distribution in every case seems to be skewed toward the low end compared to a uniform distribution. (I would also guess that the $2000 cap creates a peak at the top since all the donors who would ordinarily give more are integrated into that amount. More bins in the data would be needed to confirm this.)

While we're on the subject of presidential politics, I'd like to draw your attention to Dennis Kucinich's search for a first lady.

"I certainly want a dynamic, outspoken woman who was fearless in her desire for peace in the world and for universal single-payer health care and a full employment economy," the four-term congressman told the forum. "If you are out there call me."

Any single women looking to make a "campaign contribution"? Tags:
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