February 29, 2004

Adventures in Direct Democracy, or, Arcane Gazebo vs. The 2004 California Primary

Posted by Arcane Gazebo at February 29, 2004 4:19 PM

I have a free Sunday afternoon, so I am being a model citizen by reviewing the election-related material that has been mailed to me over the last few weeks. This consists of the following:

  • Sample Ballot, Democratic Party version, 4 pages

  • Official Voter Information Guide, 29 pages.

  • Official Voter Information Guide (Supplemental), 21 pages.

  • Candidate Statement for the state assembly member primary, 1 page. (She is running unopposed.)

  • Candidate Statements, Superior Court Judge, 2 pages.

  • Voter Information Pamphlet for Regional Measure 2, 6 pages.

  • Regional Measure 2 booklet, 22 pages.

  • Voter Information Pamphlet for Contra Costa County Measure L, 8 pages.

  • Voter Information Pamphlet for West Contra Costa Unified School District Measure J, 8 pages.

  • Some ads: one for Yes on Prop 56, four for No on Measure L.

Don't we elect people to figure this stuff out for us? Anyway, I've gone through most of it but I'm still undecided on Props 57 and 58 (these are from Arnold: a $15 billion bond measure to balance the budget and a balanced budget requirement) and Contra Costa Measure L (this is the Wal-Mart thing). Any insights from you Californian(s) in the audience?

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