March 17, 2004

Crazed Techer Update

Posted by Arcane Gazebo at March 17, 2004 3:00 PM

That Caltech physics student accused of firebombing SUVs has now been indicted.

If his goal in rendering SUVs inoperable is to reduce air pollution, isn't setting them on fire a counterproductive method? Molotov cocktails don't seem very environmentally friendly to me. Surely he's smart enough to come up with a clever and efficient solution that wrecks SUVs in a pollutant-free manner while embodying the principles of, uh, environmental protection through property damage or whatever the hell ELF advocates.

I guess I just expect more from a Techer.


The thing that struck me about this story is the complete lack of subtlety. Ok, so you want to protest so you toss Molotovs into hum-vees... Stupid, sure, but why go and email the LA Times saying that you did it? That's just downright asking for it. I just don't expect that from a techer. Now, a plan which was overly complex and ingenious, causing the humvees to spontaneously combust which happens to fail 95% of the time due to unforeseen problems, seems a bit more likely. :)


Posted by: Zifnab | March 17, 2004 4:04 PM

Now, every non-Techer who is sick of my pro-Caltech wistfulness is going to bring this up the next time I go off on such a tengent.

Posted by: Mason Porter | March 17, 2004 4:31 PM
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