March 19, 2004

Unholy Army of the Undead Update

Posted by Arcane Gazebo at March 19, 2004 8:41 PM
Frozen Lobsters Brought Back To Life
BOSTON -- Call it cryonics for crustaceans. A Connecticut company says its frozen lobsters sometimes come back to life when thawed. [...] The company was scheduled to attend the International Boston Seafood Show, which began Sunday, armed with video showing two undead lobsters squirming around after being frozen stiff in a minus-40 degree chemical brine for several minutes.
It strikes me as highly negligent that the reported failed to ask whether the reanimated lobsters had a newfound taste for human flesh. Fortunately, the company is taking some precautions.
For instance, the company plans to ship the lobsters with rubber bands on the claws, as a consumer protection measure.

"I wouldn't remove the rubber bands," Liberman said. "It's not worth the risk."

Famous last words. I for one intend to flee to Canada ahead of the impending zombie lobster attack.


That last line is priceless. And I think they know exactly what they're doing. I trust you'll keep me posted on this outbreak. Watch out while you're in Canada-
They may move slower in the snow (that cold, white stuff you're about to get familiar with), but they last longer. =d

Posted by: Vanessa | March 20, 2004 2:50 PM
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