June 15, 2004


Posted by Arcane Gazebo at June 15, 2004 7:17 PM

The AP's writing some terrific satire these days:

"I've always said I think it's very important for someone not to try to take the speck out of somebody's else's eye when they may have a log in their own," Bush said, invoking the same biblical passage from the Gospel of St. Matthew that he had used when asked about gay marriage in July 2003.

"In other words, I'm very mindful about saying, you know, 'Oh, vote for me, I'm more religious than my neighbor.'"

Later the Bush/Cheney '04 campaign unveiled their new slogan: "Bush/Cheney: More religious than John Kerry."



This is funny, yet simultaneously depressing.

Why can't we live in a sensible country where people just kill the right people to achieve power?

Posted by: Mason Porter | June 20, 2004 10:36 PM
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