June 1, 2004

Kerry/[fill in the blank] '04

Posted by Arcane Gazebo at June 1, 2004 2:50 PM

Looking for a summary of potential Kerry running mates? There's a serious one at Slate and a funny one at McSweeney's. I have to wonder where Slate came up with this:

These choices would help whip up liberal Democrats, who are far more animated by Bush-hatred than by Kerry-worship. The most touted name in this category is Dick Gephardt, reportedly a top contender at the moment, whose authentic populism and miles-deep roots with labor unions and other party interest groups make him a fine signifier of liberal passion.

It's hard to see Gephardt as a signifier of any kind of passion. Sure, labor likes him, but I have yet to observe any Bush-hating liberals display the tiniest bit of excitement over the guy. For that matter, the whole premise of this category seems bogus. If liberal Democrats are already "animated" (and we are), why is there a need to whip us up?
Anyway, I like John Edwards but I don't know how strategic a choice he would be.

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