July 11, 2004

Hmm, so that's not my problem.

Posted by Arcane Gazebo at July 11, 2004 2:27 PM

Interesting article in the NYTimes; here's an excerpt (but the whole thing is worth reading):

Sex May Be Happiness, but Wealth Isn't Sexiness
Furthermore, the economists compared the levels of happiness produced by a vigorous sex life with other activities whose economic values had been calculated in prior research, allowing them to impute, in dollars, how much happiness sex was worth. They also estimated that increasing the frequency of sexual intercourse from once a month to at least once a week provided as much happiness as putting $50,000 in the bank.

A lasting marriage, by comparison, offers about $100,000 worth of happiness a year - that is, on average, a single person would need to receive $100,000 annually to be as happy as a married person with the same education, job status and other characteristics. Divorce, on the other hand, imposes an emotional toll of about $66,000 a year, though there may be a short-term economic gain from the immediate relief provided by leaving your spouse.

Possibly the least expected finding of the paper, said Mr. Oswald, was that in general, "Greater income does not buy more sex, nor sexual partners."

Wait, it doesn't? Crap, there goes that plan. (But given that the metric used is dollars, it seems that a greater income is its own reward...)


I feel somewhat vindicated by that last quote...


Posted by: Tracy | July 12, 2004 7:20 PM

Yes, I must concede in the face of scientific evidence.

Posted by: Arcane Gazebo | July 12, 2004 7:27 PM


Sarcasm will get you NOWHERE, young man!

Posted by: Tracy | July 13, 2004 6:55 AM
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