September 1, 2004

Paranoia is fun. Other games are not fun. Buy Paranoia.

Posted by Arcane Gazebo at September 1, 2004 12:25 PM

I was walking around looking for food last night, and stopped in Games of Berkeley on a whim. They had a new book in that day: Paranoia XP. Now portions of this book may not be in my clearance, but I believe the store clerks were using a traitorous mutant power on me to compel me to purchase it. Also, I have a fondness for little red books, although an October release date would be better... what?


I'd noticed the book on the shelf too, last time I was in a gaming store. Amusing blurb on the back, but I knew friend computer was watching, and wouldn't approve of me interacting too intimately with one of those "books", so I left it be, with the expectation that at some point, a few of us will hopefully be rounded up, given red clearance, and subjected to, well, something on the order of seven deaths.

Posted by: Lemming | September 1, 2004 6:04 PM
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