November 18, 2004

Some links I clicked on today

Posted by Arcane Gazebo at November 18, 2004 1:22 PM

Google has a search service for peer-reviewed journals: Google Scholar. Via Unfogged (and a lot of others).

Here's the CNN/Money ranking of state-local tax burdens. Note that California and Massachusetts, despite common perceptions, are below both the national average and median on this list. Via Decembrist, who talks about the tax reform being considered by the White House.

Scientific American on National Missile Defense. "[D]espite the more than $80 billion spent by the U.S. on missile defense since 1985, this system will not provide significant protection for many years, if ever." Via Chris Mooney.

Josh Marshall is finding out which Republican congressmen (start there and scroll up) will admit to having voted for or against the "DeLay Rule", which allows Tom DeLay to continue to be majority leader if he is indicted for ethics violations related to the Texas gerrymander. Those who took a stand against this move are being dubbed the "Shays Handful"; those readers who are current or (like myself) former constituents of Rep. Shays (R-CT) may be pleased to know this. If you're represented by a Republican, see if he's on the list!

From a voter registration study I learn that Democrats outnumber Republicans among Berkeley physics faculty in a ratio of 14:1. In UCB hard sciences as a group, the ratio is 10:1. (Departmental breakdown is in the pdf.) Via Tyler Cowen at The Volokh Conspiracy.


I heard about the google thing. Is it any good? I didn't try it, but I must admit that I'm skeptical. I'll try it at some point.

For your dept ratio, that is no surprise at all...

Posted by: Mason | November 18, 2004 5:39 PM

google scholar is fun. but apparently it gives you all the papers that reference those of a particular author, too, which could be irritating. (check out c a fredericks : ) )

Posted by: phi | November 19, 2004 5:37 AM

I tried it today. It doesn't work very well. ISI is much better.

Posted by: Mason | November 19, 2004 7:45 PM
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