January 14, 2005

2005 APS March Meeting

Posted by Arcane Gazebo at January 14, 2005 1:53 PM

The bulletin for the 2005 APS March Meeting is up. Here's the abstract for my talk, scheduled for 11:39am on Friday, March 25.

Abstract: Y16.00003 : Quantum Coherence in a Superconducting Flux Qubit

Authors: T. Hime, B.L.T. Plourde, P.A. Reichardt, T.L. Robertson, C.-E. Wu, John Clarke, (University of California, Berkeley)

We report observations of quantum coherence in a superconducting flux qubit. As the flux applied to the qubit was swept through the degeneracy point, $(n+1/2)\Phi_0$, we could resolve the change in qubit screening flux produced by the reversal of the qubit circulating current. By applying microwave radiation to the qubit, we observed resonant excitation when the qubit level splitting matched the energy of the microwave photons, corresponding to a change in the qubit screening flux. We varied the microwave frequency and mapped out the dispersion of the excited state transition which fit well to the expected hyperbolic dependence. With high-resolution spectroscopy, we measured anomalous structure and splittings on the excited state line, which may correspond to coupling to defect states in the junction tunnel barriers. We performed coherent manipulation of the qubit state by applying microwave pulses of fixed amplitude and frequency, but variable width. This resulted in Rabi oscillations with a Rabi frequency which scaled linearly with the amplitude of the microwave pulses.

The Clarke qubit group is giving three other talks in this session as well:
Y16.00002 Flux Qubits and Readout Device with Two Independent Flux Lines
Y16.00004 Measurements of Dephasing in Superconducting Flux Qubits
Y16.00005 Measurements of Relaxation in Superconducting Flux Qubits

The meeting is in Los Angeles this year, so I will be dropping by Pasadena: certain readers should consider themselves warned.


aha! but i am root5+1/2, and so if you simply set n=root5, the answer is one, which is , of course, no degenerate.
problem solved, no need to resort to all this spin splitting and qubit screening flux nonsense.
; )

i hope you're not talking about some other, *lesser* phi that needs to "dignify" itself by using the capital form of the letter (the slightly tilted nullset with serifs..)


Posted by: phi | January 14, 2005 3:54 PM

Not only that, this \Phi has a subscript 0 hanging off it, perhaps contributing to its degeneracy. I'm sure its 2.068e-15 Wb pose no threat to your domination of phi-ness. :)

(Feel free to congratulate me, but I'll note that any member of the APS is entitled to give a talk at the March Meeting. :) This leads to the formation of a "crackpot session", which I have yet to find in the bulletin. I've heard it's called "General Physics", but there's no session by that name this year, so maybe they've changed it. However, the "Cold Fusion" session appears to be fertile ground for crackpots.)

(12 minutes are allocated for each talk, my talk is the third in the session, and the session begins at 11:15. Hence, 11:39.)

(Techers may be interested to know that there is an invited talk by none other than Judith Goodstein.)

Posted by: Arcane Gazebo | January 14, 2005 4:50 PM

You shouldn't see Judith Goodstein's invited talk. You should see mine instead. :)

In terms of dropping by Pasadena, we need to coordinate this! D & D beckons!

Posted by: Mason | January 15, 2005 11:04 AM

Here's a link to the session I'm in: http://meetings.aps.org/Meeting/MAR05/SessionIndex/?SessionEventID=23779

(I'm started to go through the speaker lists to see who is going to be there. I see lots of people from the nonlinear science community, but I haven't seen too many of my friends on the list. I'm only in the early stages of C, though, so there's plenty of hope.)

Posted by: Mason | January 15, 2005 6:38 PM
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