February 1, 2005

Two Years [Open Thread]

Posted by Arcane Gazebo at February 1, 2005 9:16 PM

The Monday open thread is a bit late, but this allows me to post it on this blog's second birthday; my first post here was on February 1, 2003. Since then I've posted 604 entries and received (exactly!) 1200 non-spam comments. Thanks to all the readers who keep coming back despite my highly irregular posting schedule, and especially those of you who post comments and thereby make the site interesting.

Some random notes:

I am now the GSI for Physics 141A: Solid State Physics. (GSI is how Berkeley spells TA.) This may cause a reduction in blog output until the end of the semester.

There was a flood of trackback spam last night, which I stopped after about 60 pings by closing old trackbacks. I'll go back and delete them all when I get a chance, but I'm not hurrying since people don't see old trackbacks anyway.

Unfortunately we don't have a qubit running right now, as I could use some quantum scheduling: ideally on Sunday I'd be partially at Event A (Super Bowl party) and partially at Event B (D&D game). This is without considering that an Event C is likely to be scheduled for this time as well, and I plan to attend Event C in as many universes as possible.

On to this week's media:

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes: [Follow-up] Even better than the first Metroid Prime, with a nice difficulty (most bosses killed me exactly once), items hidden cleverly but not arbitrarily, and some of Samus's acrobatic maneuvers from the 2D Metroid games returning. I haven't actually fought the final boss yet, since I am crazy enough to try to get all the items first.

The video game section of this blog is now on temporary hiatus, due to a sudden need to Get Things Done. (Shocking, I know. It turns out doing research and teaching takes a lot of time...)

Snow Patrol: Final Straw: I mentioned Snow Patrol recently, which prompted me to revisit their 2004 album. The band's name is pretty apt: the feeling I get from this album is of a cold, grey November evening, when it gets dark too early and snow is falling (or at least it did when I lived in Connecticut). "Somewhere a Clock Is Ticking" came up on my iPod while I was walking to campus yesterday, and the feeling was incongruous on such a clear, sunny California morning...


Event C, huh?

On a completely unrelated note, I got my car this weekend. Finally. Still working on a name for it. I already love it, though. Was a bit of a panic getting it--I've been waiting for it for around 7 months, and for various reasons had my order for it placed up in the Bay Area. Then I got a call Sunday morning, saying that they had the car for me, finally, but that if I couldn't close the deal by the end of the day, I wouldn't get it. Total crap, but a booked a one-way flight at the last minute (a great way to get flagged for a security screening!), flew up, and drove the car down with my dad. Yay.

One other tidbit for ya. I just recently got a new guitar--which anyone who's seen my living room will think is ridiculous, but I swear most of those don't even belong to me--this is my first electric. Anyway, I named it "Hermann." Three cheers to whoever guesses the guitar's *full* name. Shouldn't be too hard.

Posted by: Lemming | February 2, 2005 11:19 AM

Cool, you'll have to show off the car to me next time I see you. :) I must say I am clueless on the full name of the guitar...

Posted by: Arcane Gazebo | February 2, 2005 2:08 PM

Tim has apparently solved the problem of removing Caltech parking stickers from one's car: Buy a new car. (I know people who tried for years to remove it but couldn't.) This is the oldfangled sticker, by the way.

Posted by: Mason | February 2, 2005 9:11 PM

I still have my old parking sticker, although I haven't felt a real need to remove it.

Posted by: Arcane Gazebo | February 3, 2005 11:08 AM

*sigh* The name of the guitar is "Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmoltz"

Posted by: Lemming | February 4, 2005 7:52 AM

Ok, that actually makes a lot of sense. Not knowing Helmholtz's first name, I wouldn't have made the connection...

Posted by: Arcane Gazebo | February 4, 2005 11:16 AM
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