March 5, 2005

Return of the dream sequence post

Posted by Arcane Gazebo at March 5, 2005 1:14 PM

Had a bunch of dreams last night, remembered two.

The first was an Armageddon scenario in which some big asteroid was going to collide with Earth. The asteroid could be seen during the day, and looked like a second moon. It was eerily beautiful in addition to big and scary. There were also a bunch of smaller rocks coming in ahead of the main asteroid. But instead of falling in at some tremendous speed they floated in slowly due to some weird dream-physics. I woke up one morning to see all these big boulders just hanging in the air everywhere. They were still moving forward and occasionally one would hit a building and put a big hole in it. The dream ended before the big one hit.

If I wanted to interpret this, I would call it an obvious metaphor for my March workload. The big asteroid is the March Meeting itself, as the most menacing and unavoidable deadline. All the smaller rocks are the other work that needs to be done by then, some of which I've been procrastinating—until I wake up one morning and find them floating outside my window.

The other dream was about D&D. (This is a statement so geeky that I am reluctant to admit it.) I was playing with the usual group of people, but also with Justin (who in reality left the game in January). The party was going up against a powerful red dragon, and had gone to consult a different dragon (who was neutrally aligned, and something of a mystical guru) about how to kill it. The interesting thing about the dream is that my perspective alternated between the player and the character, so sometimes I was seeing the DM and gaming table, and sometimes seeing the dragon's cave. This dragon was teaching the party a powerful attack spell, and used an illusion to show what the effect would look like: a burst of raw magical energy. My character's not a spellcasting type, and was confused by this. Thinking the energy released was just a form of fire, he said, "But wouldn't a red dragon be immune to fire?" The dragon got a really amused look on his face at this question.

I don't think there's much interpretation to be done here; I'm probably just thinking ahead to my actual D&D game tomorrow. We're not planning on fighting any red dragons, but we did just kill off a black dragon recently.


Why would you be reluctant to admit geekiness when you can revel in it instead?

Posted by: Mason | March 5, 2005 7:55 PM
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