March 11, 2005

Summer Movie Train Wreck

Posted by Arcane Gazebo at March 11, 2005 3:51 PM

It's bad form to keep linking to the same blogger, but I don't have enough time to read a lot of different people these days. It's Kevin Drum again, this time worried about the summer movies. My guesses:

Of course Star Wars Episode 3 is going to suck. But at this point they're good for unintentional humor, so I'll go see it for that purpose.

But Batman Begins actually looks pretty good. I give it an 80% chance of being decent. I'll see this unless I hear it's terrible.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy will almost certainly suck. Given how often Hollywood screws up adaptations, and how difficult this particular source will be to adapt properly, I give them a 5% chance of actually pulling it off. If I hear lots of good reviews I'll go see it; otherwise I'll pretend it doesn't exist.

Any others that should be on my radar?


My take on those movies and summer movies coming up in general:

Star Wars Ep3: Prolly going to suck, but i'll see it anyways because I like things blowing up. If it fails on that part, I like good CG. If it fails on that, i'll just lose.

Batman somethingorother: I might see this one, if only cause the preview had lots of explosions. Except I dislike Batman as a character, and I doubt the movie will help that any. So maybe I won't see it. Definately looks pretty good from an objective standpoint though.

HHGTTG: I saw the trailer in the theater (movie: Constantine) and it completely took me by surprise. I suspect the adaptation will be a bit off, but it tends to be. Still looks quite funny so i'm looking forward to seeing it. And the trailers are awesome, even if the movie sucks, it was worth making just for the trailer which makes fun of movie trailers. :)

Other summer movies:
Weird! I haven't heard of any others. But then again, i'm pretty ignorant of movies in general.

Oh, one last note about Star Wars. A recent PC Game release was Star Wars: Republic Commando, which is based in the clone wars period. The game is absolutely great. Nonstop action (it's a FPS), with great voice acting and humor from your squad member, and a good plot too. Only complaint which is valid is that it's too short (though i've not finished it yet, i'm close) and there's not much multiplayer. Still, the single player game is entirely worth it. :)

Posted by: Zifnab | March 11, 2005 5:11 PM

I am going to see Hitchhiker's Guide no matter what (because I love the source material _so_ much), but I too am worried about it. However, I plan to venture boldly and see it. There actually was going to be a Hitchhiker's movie 20 years ago, but it never materialized. (The screenplay for the upcoming movie does not have any connection to that one, as far as I can tell.) The short Hitchhiker's trailer was very funny. I actually realized what was coming as soon as it started (even without knowing the movie was coming), and it really warmed my heart that there's finally going to be a Hitchhiker's movie. I've been waiting for one ever since I read the first book in 1987, so that's why I need to see it no matter how much I'm worried about it. I will be seeing it when it comes out on May 6th.

I'll see Episode III despite worries of suckage. I might see Batman Begins. I didn't see any of the other Batman movies, but this one does look pretty cool.

I just saw Robots today. It is good but not even close to as good as The Incredibles. (There were a couple of really near pop culture references in the movie, a couple of which were kind of obscure these days but were better known 15--20 years ago.) They included a snippet (after the regular trailer section) of the squirrel from ice age to advertise an Ice Age 2, which I didn't previously know was coming. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before to you, but I identify with that squirrel more than any other movie or tv character ever. (Also, there was a really neat reference in today's Ice Age II snippet.) Really, it's not even close.

Madagascar is coming soon. That looks like it could be hilarious.

I think I will see the remade version of Herbie for nostalgia's sake from the original one(s), although I suspect I should convince myself otherwise. I didn't particular like the older ones, which are from when my older brother was a little kid, but he hyped it up constantly back when I was really young, so Herbie does happen to be one of the references that automatically takes me back to when I was really young as a result of that. Damn hype---it can sure last a long time.

Oh, and the Pink Panther movie comes out 9/23. Talk about moral imperatives... (although Steve Martin's mustache in it is a poor substitute for the Peter Sellers look). "Kato, this is NOT the time!"

This Sunday, I am going to see a play by David Mamet (who made the movie State and Main, one of my favorite movies of all time---such beautifully harsh satire!).

Posted by: Mason | March 11, 2005 9:57 PM

I'm actually predicting that Batman Begins will be better than the first. Which is going way out on a limb, because I love the first Batman beyond all comic book movies. But the trailer of Begins didn't have any scenes with Christian Bale saying "I'm Batman" to a woman, so that gives it some cred right there. Plus Christopher Nolan directing makes the promise that the noir aspect of Batman will finally return, and a cast of dark critters that make me want to dance around. Seriously. I'm so calling this the batman-saving movie to slap Jon Peters around and call the last two Batmans its bitch.

Sin City will be coming out at the beginning of April. That will be excellent. Watch the trailers online.

Kung Fu Hustle is coming out in April too. Will it live up to the brilliance of Shaolin Soccer? Don't know. But I trust Stephen Chow and his comic genius.

Yes. Star Wars will suck. I have lost my love of anything outside the realm of episodes 4, 5, and 6. Vader isn't a nancy-boy in those.

The Dukes of Hazzard will ROCK.

Just kidding.

The War of the Worlds? In Spielberg I trust. I will see the movie, but I do not know if it will be any good. Much better success chances for it than Hitchhiker's (although I'm actually interested in seeing the Guide. Luckily, it can't be worse than the BBC TV cast).

Fantastic Four? Flip a coin. It could work.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Same thing. I'm skeptical. But the trailer kinda won me over to having faith in Depp. Still, he can't beat Wilder.

That brings us to August, which boasts the release of a live action Aeon Flux AND Duece Bigalow: European Gigolo all in the same weekend. Assuming that isn't the final sign of the Apocolypse, next weekend brings us:

Zu Warriors! I wanted to see this ever since I saw the trailer in, like, 2000. I heard mixed things about it, but the special effects are supposed to be phenomenal, and let's not forget the occasional Zhang Ziyi fix.

I'm interested in seeing Pink Panther. Steve Martin's about the only guy I could see pulling it off. However, it IS brought to us by Cheaper By the Dozen director Shawn Levy. Shudder.

That's okay, because the next weekend brings us:

Serenity! Fuck yeah!

So, I'm positive. Even if there are a few, or many losers out there, I have confidence in a few of them that are enough to make my year. You can gloat if these three end up sucking: Sin City, Batman Begins, and Serenity. But I'm dead sure they'll kick some ass.

Posted by: Josh | March 21, 2005 3:44 PM

also also wik

I'm interested in seeing Danny Boyle's Millions too.

Posted by: Josh | March 21, 2005 4:55 PM
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