May 3, 2005

Snow Patrol

Posted by Arcane Gazebo at May 3, 2005 4:41 PM

This was a fun concert; Gary Lightbody was very enthusiastic and good at working the crowd. I think they played all the songs from Final Straw ("Chocolate" to start the set and "Run" to end it were pretty obvious choices), a few older songs, and some new material. I liked the new songs, and am now wondering when the next release will be... I caught a direct reference to my favorite Reindeer Section song in one of them. (Reindeer Section is Lightbody's side project, a 27-member Glasgow supergroup.) "Post Punk Progression" sounded really good despite my not liking the recorded version (on the Spitting Games single).

The opening band, Embrace, was a good match. I hadn't heard Embrace before—they're a UK band that hasn't been distributed in the US for some time, but apparently their new album will appear on this side of the pond in a few weeks. I'll probably check it out, since there were at least a couple songs I really liked.

Tomorrow: The Faint, oh yeah, and Bright Eyes. I neglected yesterday to link to Dropkick the Faint which is a Flash game that allows you to sample their music whilst kicking their asses. Now that they're touring with Conor Oberst they should add him in as a bonus round...

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