October 26, 2005

Bewitched [Open Thread]

Posted by Arcane Gazebo at October 26, 2005 3:39 PM

Should I just move the open threads to Wednesday officially? Or would that cause me to start posting them on Friday?

I failed to post a report on the Iron & Wine/Calexico show, but it was excellent. I do still intend to post a bunch of music reviews, but I continue to be surprisingly busy and/or distracted. Meanwhile, here's one I've been eager to review, and since Halloween is upon us the title is especially appropriate.

Ladytron: Witching Hour: It might seem strange for a dance rock/electronica band like Ladytron to use the folk-magicy title Witching Hour, but then you hear the music and it becomes clear: you can really feel in these songs a sense of mystery and otherworldliness, the sort that arises from the energy of a nighttime urban landscape. (I'm convinced that Ladytron is the perfect soundtrack to Takeshi Kovacs novels.) This album takes everything I loved about Light & Magic and makes it darker and more intense, resulting in an amazing record that I've been playing over and over again, at the expense of many other good CDs that have come out recently. The first three tracks—"High Rise", "Destroy Everything You Touch", and "International Dateline"—are all especially good, and set up an immersive atmosphere for the subsequent songs. In fact these three are so good that it's tempting just to start the CD over when "International Dateline" ends, except then I'd never get to "The Last One Standing", which is not only an awesome song but a shot of determination when I'm ready to give up on some difficult task. If I have one complaint about this album, it's that the lyrics can be a bit dumb. ("Weekend" is pretty much inexcusable in this regard.) But in this sort of music, the lyrics don't really matter—it's all about the sound.

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Damn. I'm gonna have to go get that album now, and just cause of one line in your review - "(I'm convinced that Ladytron is the perfect soundtrack to Takeshi Kovacs novels.)" Cause I have to hear the soundtrack to those novels. The new Kovacs book btw is very good. Great story, setting and characters. I thought it didn't fall into the pitfalls Market Forces did, as the Gazebo mentioned in a review of that one a while back.

Posted by: Zifnab | October 26, 2005 5:31 PM

If I'm remembering your music tastes correctly you'd probably like Ladytron. I have the new Kovacs novel but haven't started it yet, as I've been distracted by relays and concerts and pirates and so forth. I've been waiting for a sufficient block of time to sink into it, because of the danger that I'll start ten minutes before I intend to go to bed, and then read it all night instead of sleeping.

I'd better get going on that, since the new George R. R. Martin book is about to come out. Some bloggers already have it, but I haven't seen it in stores yet (Amazon says Nov. 8.) I don't want to have to choose which of those two novels to read first...

Posted by: Arcane Gazebo | October 26, 2005 5:46 PM

Perhaps this belongs on the old thread "I'm smiling too", but I imagine that we are all STILL similing today, especially after a certain woman admitted that she was grossly underqualified to even look in the direction of the Supreme Court.

Posted by: Josh | October 27, 2005 1:59 PM

As it happens, I'm working on a post on that very subject. Also, there was another indictment of a sleazy political operative today.

Posted by: Arcane Gazebo | October 27, 2005 2:02 PM
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