January 10, 2006

A Feast for Crows Spoiler Thread

Posted by Arcane Gazebo at January 10, 2006 3:16 PM

I know some of you have read it, so I'm putting more detailed comments in this post. My spoiler-free review is in the previous post. Spoilers start below the fold (or possibly right away if you are reading by RSS).

I'm hesitant to make predictions here since this series has a tendency to go in unexpected directions. I certainly wouldn't have predicted at the end of Storm of Swords that the end of this book would have Cersei a captive of the Spanish Inquisition. But that's because nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, especially not Cersei apparently. (I could probably write a post drawing parallels between the ruling styles of Cersei and George W. Bush: installing cronies in high positions, cozying up to dangerous religious fanatics...)

Anyway, another thing that ruins predictions is the fact that Martin obviously puts in misleading information just to mess with the readers. The rumors about Sandor Clegane for instance, which at first seemed to point to Thoros of Myr having resurrected him. It was extremely annoying to me that he turned out to be quite dead, because he was one of the characters I liked. Speaking of which, maybe something saved Brienne at the last minute but I doubt it—quit killing the interesting characters, George! (I'm starting to think that the closer a character is to a standard fantasy archetype, the more likely he is to die halfway through his character arc. Under this theory it's surprising that Robb Stark lasted as long as he died, and Jon Snow should have been dead about two chapters into A Game of Thrones.)

One prediction I will make is that the valonqar in Cersei's prophecy is Jaime, primarily on the basis that Cersei is way too certain that it's Tyrion. If I'm reading the appendix correctly Jaime is the younger twin, and it's not too hard to imagine him killing Cersei at this point.

Also: Am I the only one who couldn't possibly care less about Samwell Tarly? I'm now interested in his chapters because I'm curious about the events in Oldtown covered in the prologue, but this only connected to Samwell in the very last sentence of the book. On the other hand, at least this book had Jaime, who remains my favorite, and it was great fun to watch Cersei self-destruct. Arya remains another favorite of mine, and as I suspected is turning into a Kill Bill character.

The one-shot POVs (Arys, Aeron, Victarion, Arianne, etc.) were a new addition, right? I think I prefer the regulars. For a long time I was wondering what force could possibly stand against Daenerys whenever she makes it to Westeros, but Euron's dragon horn could certainly change the balance.

So what do we have to look forward to in the next volume? Mainly I want to hear about Tyrion, who was my favorite character until Jaime came along. Daenerys too, although if her streak of spectacular victories continues there'll be very little suspense. I also want to hear more about Valyria...

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