June 3, 2006

Best Search Requests of May 2006

Posted by Arcane Gazebo at June 3, 2006 6:48 PM

Search queries that led to this site last month in bold, editorial comments in italics.

  • material on topic of its better to lead in hell than to serve in heaven
    Looks like Damien is researching his term paper.
  • images that give you an erection
    This is very strange way to search for porn.
  • how much wine can i bring into the state of connecticut
    An important consideration when passing through customs at the New York/Connecticut border.
  • ninja in literature
    The first appearance of ninjas in English literature is credited to Shakespeare. Macbeth: "Is this a shuriken I see before me?"
  • caltech students introverted and nerdy
    I'm surprised Google didn't just respond with "Yes."
  • clinton got a blowjob bush is giving one
    Maybe this accounts for the 29% of people who still approve of his job performance.
  • voting between george bush and grog
    Arrr! The true pirate always votes for grog!

I think the last one is my favorite. 460 searches for "gazebo" last month.

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For "Caltech students ...," it seems the searcher was just being rhetorical, so google could have refused to answer "yes" as a matter of principle.

I don't drink, and I'd vote for grog! Then again, if I'm choosing between somebody/something and Bush, I'd also vote for Cthulhu, Barney, or the leading candidate from the pro-pedophilia party in Amsterdam. (Well, I'd have to think hard in the last case, but I know where my priorities lie.)

Posted by: Mason | June 3, 2006 6:53 PM

I'm sorry, Travis... but I did, in fact, laugh out loud at this one:

* caltech students introverted and nerdy
I'm surprised Google didn't just respond with "Yes."

Posted by: Vanessa | June 3, 2006 8:26 PM

Serious laughing at the caltech one.

And I'd vote for the pro-pedophilia party just because it'd sure be a lot easier to impeach them.

Posted by: Lanth | June 4, 2006 3:28 AM

I just wouldn't want to see any of them out "kissing babies."

Posted by: Lemming | June 5, 2006 10:45 AM

Haha holy cow, those are great! And I'm with you - the last one is the best.

Posted by: Kyle | June 8, 2006 7:35 AM
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