July 10, 2006

Welcome to the new Arcane Gazebo!

Posted by Arcane Gazebo at July 10, 2006 12:46 AM

It may look like the old Arcane Gazebo, but it's running on a new host with an upgraded version of MovableType. And there are a few changes, some of which were noted in the style/layout thread:

  • URL: The URL is now http://arcanegazebo.net. http://www.arcanegazebo.net takes you to the same place. However, http://inverse.physics.berkeley.edu will not redirect, so be sure to update your bookmarks.
  • RSS feeds: The RSS feeds now contain the full posts rather than the first 40 words, and there is also an RSS feed with the comments as well as the posts. For the posts only, use http://arcanegazebo.net/index.xml and to get the comments, use http://arcanegazebo.net/comments-feed.xml.
  • No more pop-ups: Clicking on the comments links will open the page in the current window rather than in a pop-up.
  • No "Recent Entries" list in the sidebar: This listed the last ten or so entries, but they were usually on the main page anyway and I found people would go to the latest monthly archive for older ones. This is to make room for the categories listing which I plan to start using.
  • No mp3 downloads: This is so as not to annoy my new hosts. For future music reviews I'll try to link to band pages with freely available mp3s, or failing that, to MySpace pages or YouTube videos where one can listen to the music.

Some things are still broken:
  • Internal links in the archives: Internal links to old posts will now point to the wrong place. I may go back and fix this but it will take some time. This includes any images I've posted (except the ones on Flickr).
  • Possibly some templates: I haven't checked everything yet; it had to be upgraded by hand to the MT 3.2 template tags and this wasn't always a smooth process. Let me know if you find a problem somewhere.
  • Category Index: Once I start using categories I'll put an index on the sidebar, but I haven't put the index up yet since I haven't tagged any posts (besides this one).
  • LiveJournal feed: Rather than posting directly to my main LiveJournal account I'm going to try to get it set up as an LJ syndicated feed.

I think that's it. Comments on the new site are welcome! Don't forget to update your bookmarks and blogrolls.

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No mp3s i feel Gipped... Just Kidding :)

Posted by: shellock | July 10, 2006 7:02 AM
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