April 12, 2007

No new neutrinos

Posted by Arcane Gazebo at April 12, 2007 3:59 PM

The Standard Model wins another round: the MiniBooNE experiment, searching for neutrino oscillations to confirm or disconfirm the anomalous LSND result, found no new physics. Heather Ray explains in a guest post at Cosmic Variance.

Given the author's last name, her use of "awesome-o" in a section heading is suspicious.

Tags: Physics

No new tales to tell either.

Posted by: Mason | April 12, 2007 4:50 PM

Maybe she meant AWESOM-O?

Posted by: Josh | April 12, 2007 11:49 PM

Clearly I need to catch up on South Park. I heard the Easter episode was good, too.

Posted by: Arcane Gazebo | April 13, 2007 3:33 PM
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