January 20, 2008

Two movie reviews

Posted by Arcane Gazebo at January 20, 2008 12:32 AM

I saw two good movies recently and should blog about them while it's still timely:

Juno: About the unplanned pregnancy of the title character, the obvious point of comparison is to Knocked Up. Knocked Up is funnier, but Juno has better writing, (much) better characterization, more heart, less sexism, more Arrested Development alums, and more Belle & Sebastian songs on the soundtrack. So I have to say of the two films I prefer Juno.

Cloverfield: The marketing campaign is clever, but I had no reason to expect that the film would live up to it. Fortunately J.J. Abrams comes through here and makes a terrific monster movie. It does a good job of keeping the tension high throughout, and the camcorder conceit works well at bringing a sense of immediacy (also potentially nausea, although I personally didn't get motion-sick). Tyler Cowen's review is pretty accurate, although I'm not sure I buy that there's a deep message here about kids these days. However, the characters are definitely intended to be irritating; I think this is fairly common in movies of this type, so that the characters can either experience personal growth over the course of the disaster or get fed to the monster to the satisfaction of the audience. Anyway, if you like Godzilla-type movies, or even just disaster films, definitely see it.

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Juno isn't just good---it's fantastic! (Also, while I liked Knocked Up, I also think Juno is the funnier of the two films. There are loads of seriously sharp lines in it. In fact, it has one of the best scripts in years. And the soundtrack does indeed match the movie spectacularly.)

I haven't heard of Cloverfield before. I saw I'm Not There last night. I'll review it eventually, but then I also have some more end-of-year wrap-ups to write.

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